70 years of the Eagle and Dan Dare 2020 Gallery

‪It’s #theyearofdare 70 years of Eagle and Dan Dare. To celebrate we are launching this section on our website to share daily DD art, your art, photos with your collection, favourite issues or memorabilia & memories too! Send to comicsflix@gmail.com – https://comicsflix.org/2017/10/17/dan-dare-viewing-spectacular/

Since we launched our website we’ve included a features with some great links on Dan Dare and the Eagle, check them out to inspire you for our dedicated 2020 Daily Dan Dare Gallery on the website https://comicsflix.org/2017/10/18/dan-dare-articles-on-the-web/

‪We are not just asking for memories of the original Eagle and Dan Dare but any of his incarnations. Here are our memories of comic reading when the 80’s Eagle was launched by Barrie Tomlinson https://comicsflix.org/2017/11/17/diary-of-a-comic-fan-part-5-matchwinners-to-bloggers/

‪You recently voted Colin Noble as Best Comic Fan in the U.K. and Ireland in the ComicScene Awards. Check out his Perfect Comic featuring Dan Dare artwork by the great Ian Kennedy here https://comicsflix.org/2018/02/06/my-perfect-comic-issue-2-colin-noble/

‪So join us daily during 2020 and 70 years of Dan Dare and the Eagle as we build up a gallery of memories to celebrate the comic that arguably led to Doctor Who, 2000AD and inspired some of the great comic creators.

Day 3

Sent by Brendan McCarthy. Around 1980 he and Brett Ewins were hired to do initial designs for a Lew Grade Dan Dare TV series for ITV. It was to have illustrated chromakey backgrounds with live action actors in period costumes comped in.

Brendan commissioned Brian Bolland to produce a publicity brochure and Keith Watson did some design work (although he has no record of this to send us)

The cast was to be James Fox as Dan Dare, Rodney Bewes as Digby and possibly Johnny Rotten as the Mekon. Could have been a fun series!

Also included is artwork from Brendon’s Zaucer of Zilk from 2000AD working with Peter Hogan and Len O’Grady.

Day 4/5 Weekend Gallery

Ian Hollingsworth sent us the pages from 2000AD Prog 197 with an article on the proposed Dan Dare TV series mentioned on Day 3. The issue also featured a Dredd cover by Brian Bolland. Thanks Ian.

Don’t miss Operation Saturn on BBC Radio 4 at 6pm on Saturday 4th December.

Day 6

Martin Baines sent us this wonderful piece of Dan Dare artwork. More from and about Martin and his work this week on the Gallery.

Day 7

Martin Baines

Day 8

Martin Baines drew back up strip Project Pluto in Spaceship Away when edited by Rod Barzilay. He currently colours the work of Ron Turner in the magazine and Garth for the Daily Mirror.

Day 9

Chris at Julia Hall has sent this Dan Dare Figure and we will be sharing artwork sent over the next few days.

Day 9

Day 10/11 Weekend Gallery

Day 13

It’s Blog Week and Simon Belmont talks to Eamonn Clarke on the Mega City Book Club Podcast about the Dan Dare 2000AD Rebellion reprints.


Day 14

Simon Belmont discusses The Man From Nowhere on the Mega City Book Club Podcast https://megacitybookclub.blogspot.com/2019/08/100-man-from-nowhere.html?m=1

Day 15

Barrie Tomlinson, former editor of Eagle in the 80’s, shared the first issue of Eagle Monthly on his twitter feed today

“The cover of New Eagle Monthly for October, 1981. A powerful pic of the Mekon, drawn by David Pugh. I introduced the issue in my editor’s letter, written from the editor’s laundry basket, as was my habit.”

Day 17

John Freeman followed up the Mega City Book Club Podcasts with Simon on Down The Tubes and shared his attic and artwork from the Man From Nowhere. Read it here

Day 18

Day 19 / 20 Weekend Gallery

Barrie Tomlinson, former Editor of Eagle, shares this on his social media this week

Here’s my original Eagle Club membership card from 1951.

I was a proud member number 133779. Next to it is the Eagle free gift from the second issue of Eagle I relaunched in 1982.

As a reader of the original, I little realised 31 years later I would be producing my own version.”

Day 20

Listen to the Dan Dare Audio Adventures on BBC Sounds here.

Day 21

Over the next few posts we will be directing you to ComicScene Podcasts featuring Dan Dare artists – first up is Dave Gibbons who drew Dan for 2000AD here..

Day 22

Day 23

Here’s an interview with Pat Mills who brought back Dan Dare in 2000AD in 1977 https://soundcloud.com/comicscene/pat-mills-episode-2

Day 24

Started to read this book – with an introduction by Terry Jones who sadly died this week.

Day 25/26 Weekend Gallery

Ian Hollingsworth shared these two pictures on social media today – spot the difference between the covers in this Brian Bolland picture of Dan Dare for 2000AD. PS we will be transferring this gallery to ComicScene.org on Monday and announcing our Comic Art Challenge too.

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