Marvel Legends U.K. cut page count

Marvel Legends Vol. 4 020 is on sale 2nd January 2020. £4.50.

52 action-packed pages in the Mighty Marvel Manner!

Free amazing giant-size poster.

Thor and Valkyrie have defeated Sindr’s army in Hel, but now they’re prisoners of Heven!

By Jason Aaron & Mike Del Mundo!

Plus: Alexa Lukin has brought her husband Alexander back from the dead. Now they will tighten the noose, but how are they going to destroy Captain America?!

By Ta-Nehisi Coates & Leinil Yu!

Reprinting material from Thor #8 & Captain America #6.

This issue they launch their new-look format for the Marvel Collectors’ Editions. They are committed to delivering the very finest adventures from the House of Ideas and promise to keep providing you with the very best Marvel action at a great price!

Remember, you can save even more money (a huge 40% off) by subscribing today!

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