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This site is edited by Tony Foster.

Born BSW (Before Star Wars) Tony was 10 when Superman was 40! He saw the original Christoper Reeve film (pipping ‘Megamind’ to be his best ever superhero movie) and believed a man could fly.

He avoided the pitfalls of child TV presenters and did something less boring instead!

Brought up on a diet of the Junior TVTimes he was a little bit Cheeky and ate up Whizzer and Chips. He lived to see 2000AD and ‘made his DC’ (and a little bit of Marvel). A true Warrior he bought every single new U.K. comic while struggling with Vertigo and surviving Piranhas!

It was a ‘Blast’, never ‘Toxic’ and in times of ‘Crisis’ he put down the ‘Revolver’ and probably batdanced!

He was there for Camelot 3000, Dark Knight and Watchman the first time around! He sold them all at Glasgow Comic Marts, making a small fortune!

He self published 13 issues of Scottish stripzine Atomic, co creating Captain Scotland.

He wrote a weekly film newsletter for Odeon and ABC in Glasgow for five years. His favourite films include Field of Dreams, When Harry Met Sally, A Few Good Men, Amelie, Grosse Pointe Blank, Back to the Future and It’s A Wonderful Life.

He worked on a number of comic inspired projects but disappeared for 20 years, dabbling in radio propaganda, international espionage and hypnotising major establishment agents across the U.K. before launching in late 2017.

Facing a mid life crisis and several years of community work he has a five year plan to encourage young people to write and draw Comics, use Comics to educate and inform, encourage new Comic talent and publish a wave of comic nostalgia and some new stuff! Sounds like a mission statement. To be continued…

You can read his Diary of A Comic Fan here.